warm weather in February!!

Recently we have had a lot of rain.  The rain came and washed all of our snow away but it still wasn’t very warm outside.  We have been cooped up all winter and I’ve been counting down for spring for months.   Yesterday, we woke up to a 62 degree day.  It was HEAVENLY.  My kids and I felt as if it was summer.. no sweatshirts and spent most of our day outside.

A few days ago, when we were getting stir crazy from being inside all day.. I was digging through some drawers and came across my old video camera.  I watched some of the videos until late into the night.  I realized that most of my videos that I have are from when Andy and I first got married until Carter was a baby.  I hardly have any video’s of Carly.  I felt a little guilty, SOOOO.. new goal. Use my video camera more and maybe a few less snapchat clips.   I turned it into a little bit of a vlog? I feel a lot more comfortable behind a camera than I do a video camera, but maybe someday I will look back and smile at these videos the same way I did when I found my old video camera.

I’m really new to youTube but I’d love for you to subscribe!   Subscribe here! Thanks!
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