Through a Toddlers Eyes

Have I mentioned I love Conference weekend?  Nothing beats conference at my house. My mom always cooks up the best breakfast.. swedish pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausage.. the whole shebang.  It’s tradition to eat breakfast swedish pancakes every conference sunday and Christmas morning. Then church in our pajamas.  Seriously, the best.  
My sisters were home for the occasion and my younger sister was brave enough to share her point and shoot camera with my toddler. Brave.  Very brave.  I was actually surprised when  I looked at the pictures, he wasn’t half bad!  He walked around telling everyone to “say cheese!” I felt like a proud little parent.
Also, I’m so glad that he caught these pictures of my sisters and I in our pajamas.. Who wouldn’t want to remember us looking so lovely?
 {an extreme close up of my brother}
 {couldn’t stop laughing at his self portrait}
{of course he went and took pictures of his motorcycle..such a boy}

{couldn’t forget his pile of toys}

{super artsy.. I’ve taught him well.. *tear* ;)}

I was a little worried about giving him the camera, but now (because I love to spoil him) I want to give him his own to use! I have a really old one that I am considering.  Maybe he has a little bit of my personality in him after all 🙂

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