The 90’s called…

The 90’s called and they told me I shouldn’t have gotten rid of any of the clothes I wore in Jr. High.  Some things I’m surprised when they come back in style and some things I’m glad when they come back.  These Adidas shoes.. ya, I had a few pairs and I wore them completely out back in the day.  I’ve wondered when my old Doc Martins sandals will come back in and I’m hoping I still kept mine somewhere in my Mom’s house.  In the mean time, I’ll enjoy the 90’s style of high-waisted jeans and comfy Adidas shoes.

IMG_7638.2blog IMG_7639.2blog IMG_7657.2blog IMG_7636.2blogIMG_7633.2blog

Outfit Details:

Hat: Stay Wear

Jeans: J. Crew

Shirt: Adidas via Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Adidas

Watch: Fossil

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