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things to do in Utah

  • Bridal Veil Falls // Provo Canyon

    Growing up my Dad was always very good about taking my family on adventures.  Adventures could be anything from riding…

    / June 17, 2016
  • Utah Beaches + Paddleboarding

    If you’ve ever been to Utah, you know that the although Utah lake is very conveniently located.. it is not…

    / June 14, 2016
  • National Donut Day

    It’s National Donut Day today if you didn’t know… so naturally I had to get donuts.  I introduced my kids…

    / June 3, 2016
  • Sunday Walks

    I took a little walk with some of my family today.  This weather is HEAVENLY!! I used an old hiking…

    / March 23, 2015
  • Temple Square /// Utah

    While in Utah (over the Christmas break), we braved the cold weather and crowds for a night at Temple Square….

    / January 16, 2015