Studio Lights

I love photography.  I love to whip out my camera at any given opportunity. I usually shoot with natural light and during the winter it gets dark sooo early and it is so dang cold outside that I don’t venture out unless I absolutely have to.  
I was beyond excited when my parents surprised me for Christmas with an indoor studio lighting kit! I finally got it set up last night and had to bribe my child with a bag of marshmallows to be my guinea pig.    Mom of the year award for that one. 
This is is muscle shot! This kid kills me.  He is constantly making me laugh and is growing up WAY to fast.  Someone slow down time please!  I’m still learning how to use the kit and can’t wait to use it more, {preferably when we aren’t in our sweats}.. but it is what it is and I still love the pictures. 
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