Standing Work Station

Andy easily spends 16 + hours a day in lectures or studying at his desk and a while back he started complaining about his body hurting due to extensive sitting/inactivity.  We started shopping around for a standing desk because of its health benefits and, fortunately, we found Inmovement Standing Desk.  Both Andy and I love this adjustable/standing desk because we can still complete our “desk tasks” while standing, eliminating aches and pains sustained from extensive sitting. He’s tall (6’2”) and I’m a little shorter, but we both use the desk due to its easy adjustable height levels. I don’t sit as much as my husband, but I do spend time on my computer for photography, blogging and sending emails. If you are a student that sits for an extensive amount of time or a regular person like me… then the Inmovement Standing Desk is worth looking into. Your body, attention span, and productivity will thank you. Please use my coupon code and get 30% off your order and I’m telling you that this desk is worth every penny!  Use code BLOG30

I really like products that can help with making my family and me healthy and this is such an easy, simple way to help your body feel good while you work.

Thank you to InMovement for partnering with me on this post!

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