Seems like just yesterday

Yesterday my beautiful little girl turned 2 years old.  I kept looking at her all day and wondering how time went so quickly.  It feels like yesterday that she became a part of our family.  Carly is spunky, feisty and sooo loving.  She is the princess in our family and lets everyone know it.  She love chocolate like her Mama, observes everyone like her Daddy and tries to copy everything her older brother Carter does.  I look back and and I remember being worried about bringing another child into our family, but Carly was the perfect addition and we all love her to pieces.   
^^ One day old.  So small and sweet.  I love how she is now, but sometimes miss how sweet and small she was. 
 Carter and Carly are the best of friends.  I’m so glad that they have each other.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to appreciate how much siblings mean and how supportive they can be. 
^^ those two apple pictures were taken exactly one year apart.  So many changes in one year.  
Happy 2nd Birthday beautiful girl!! 
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