Sassy Pants

Carly turned 2 recently and all of the sudden she thinks she is 16.  She loves dresses, princesses, dressing up and sunglasses.  She checks out everyone’s shoes around us and always points out the shoes she loves to me.  I seriously adore that sassy little girl.  It has been so much fun having a girl around the house.   
Daylights savings time last week… uggghh.  I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal.  I planned on just getting my kids up an hour earlier than normal, so that she would nap an hour earlier and then go to bed an hour earlier… then we would stay on our normal routine.  Easy right?  No.  Not only has my toddler been off ALLLLLL week, but I have too.  It threw me off way more than I thought it would.  It feels like the middle of the day, yet it’s somehow dinner time??    The past 3 nights, Carly has been staying up until midnight.. (tired face emoji).  I woke her up early this morning and I’m having to just stay strong through all of the tired tantrums so that tonight she will sleep tonight!  Wish me luck!! 
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