Santa was a Success

I wasn’t sure what to expect this year with Carter meeting Santa.  In my head I pictured him not wanting to go anywhere near him or freaking out when I would try to put him on his lap. My cousin Leah and I thought maybe if they two kids were put up there together they wouldn’t be so scared.  
On our drive up there Carter zoned out a little… I was even more nervous that when I woke him up and  sat him on Santa’s lap that it would be a full blown toddler meltdown. 
Straight out of the car and straight to Santa’s lap and he was a champ. I mean there weren’t smiles and giggles about it but there wasn’t any screaming or thrashing around.. and to me, that is a success!
He wouldn’t look at him or talk to him. He kept on eye on me making sure I wasn’t going anywhere!
Looking at these pictures reminded me of the last time I took Carter.. Why does he have to grow up so fast???!!! 
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