Photo Dump

I personally hate the quality of phone pictures, but on the bright side it is always nice to have something at your finger tips to catch pictures that I would have missed without it. 
1. I HATE those carts… I always try to hurry past them so carter won’t notice them, but it doesn’t always work!  Those things are so big and after like 10 min, he always wants to get out and walk.  
2. #toddlerswag
3. That motorcycle… He hasn’t stopped talking about the “vroom”.  I keep telling him to tell Santa 😉
4. Cousins make the best friends
5.  I found the polka dot pants at Ross two days ago on clearance for $10 
6. We like to send a million of these pictures a day to Andy while he is at school #lucky him
7. Little boy heaven
8.  He rides this trike EVERYWHERE around our house( I know it’s pink.. we got it for free)
9.  How we stroll around Sams Club ( I have crazy sisters!)
10.  So as you see in picture 8 he has this trike.. well I was at Wal-mart and he saw the red one and I couldn’t get him off of it.  He followed me around Wal-mart on the little trike for over an hour.  It was amazing.  He stayed right next to me, stopped when I stopped, went wherever I went.  It made my shopping experience so much better!  

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