Part II

I am excited to post about our awesome Vacation to the Dominican Republic, but first I want to get caught up a little!
Incase you missed it, I posted about the first part of our 4th of July here.  

 After riding all day, we were super tired and hungry.  We went from the Badlands to Evanston, Wyoming for a bar-b-que and fireworks.  
Let me tell you something about Evanston.. I’m guessing not many of my readers have ever been there… My husband Andy is from there and we do not go ANYWHERE else but Evanston for the 4th.  There are large warehouses the minute you enter the town full of fireworks for cheap.  I’m not talking about the dinky fireworks you get at Wal-mart… I’m talking about professional fireworks and they are all sold to the public… It is pretty much the craziest firework show you have EVER seen. 
 Walking down to the park to watch the fireworks!

My dad running across the “battlefield” .. It was just as people were arriving, so it wasn’t as dangerous at this point.. but it was a crazy place! People literally shoot fireworks at each other. 

Grandpa & Grandson.. Best buds

 He wasn’t so great at keeping the sparklers at a safe distance from his face, so he got help from his momma! 

Seriously.. The day after.. they have huge trucks that come in and just sweep everything left over from the fireworks up, that is how many fireworks are let off in one night.  The locals compete with the city fireworks to have a better show than them.. it is pretty entertaining 🙂 
 Pretty crazy right? 

It was a crazy fun night and I can’t wait to do it again next year!  I sure am grateful for this beautiful place that I live! 
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