So today.. I  got my hair done, put my makeup on, accessorized and then headed off for an afternoon of errand running with my toddler sidekick.  Halfway through my errands I looked down and wondered why on earth I wear jewelry to look cute.. It just becomes my child’s play toy.  The grocery store he was completely and utterly entertained by my watch.  Sam’s club it was walking behind me holding onto my dress like I am a horse.  AND the best one, while getting him out of the car apparently I became a human jungle gym as he grabbed my dress and it ripped… Yep, awesome.    Today my outfit apparently was more for entertainment.  So by the time I got home, half the jewelry I started the day with was in my child’s hands or ended up in my diaper bag.  Can you relate?  
I need a nap and someone that will fix my dress for me. 

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