Our morning so far..

I’m not very good at eating healthy.. so this morning when I was making German Pancakes for breakfast, Andy suggested putting Xagave in the mix in place of sugar.  I was pretty much opposed because I didn’t want my breakfast ruined.  
I was really surprised when I took them out of the oven and tried my first bite.  It was delicious!! I don’t  know a lot about Xagave but I would definitely recommend using it in place of sugar whenever you are baking or need to use sugar. Andy even tried it on his rice Krispies cereal and liked it.  
  I wouldn’t say Carter is a picky eater, but he isn’t dumb.  He knows when I’m trying to get him to eat something healthy.. and even he loved the pancakes with it in it!
His meltdown came after he ate his breakfast.
We have been super spoiled to have Andy home with us most of the summer, but unfortunately summer is almost over. Although school hasn’t started yet, Andy has begun studying again after taking a few week break and was headed to school to study in the library.  He put his backpack on this morning and was headed out the door and Carter tried running outside to go with him!

He tried both cars trying to see which car he was going in..
Once he figured that out.. He promptly sat himself on the front seat and repeated…”I wanna go” over and over again.  
It was a full blown melt down when he realized he wasn’t going with him.

 I’m sure there are more days like this to come.. Its a rough life having to stay home with boring ol’ Mom all day!  Little does he know.. his chance at school with come and he’ll be begging to stay home! Few more years little guy, just wait! 

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