Off to 1st grade

Carter started 1st grade this week.  All I can say is that the days are long and the weeks/years are short.  Time goes so quickly and I can’t believe that he is in 1st grade!!  I am so proud of how brave he is going to a new school and not knowing anyone.  We are only on the 3rd day of school but I’m not sure who it is more of a shock to.. me or my kids.  We had a really fun summer and stayed up late and slept in one too many times.  These 6:50 am wake up alarms are making me want to throw my phone out the window. Carly is missing him while he is gone and is already bored just being at home with me all day. I think she will get used to having me to herself though pretty quickly. Carter is loving school, his teacher and really enjoying the first week and that makes me really happy.  Love my handsome boy and I’m excited to see how he will progress this year.

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