off day

i should have known it was friday the 13th when i was still wide awake in my bed at 3:30 this morning… 
it all just got worse from there
*carter woke up sick
*carter called multiple people on my phone this morning and hung up (sorry to those he called)
* normally my house is spider free.. and i found 4 spiders today in my kitchen!!! gross
*my gift cards wouldn’t scan at wal-mart (ended up holding up the line)
* babysitter still had my carseat when i went to run errands:
resulted in this: 
poor kid.. he didn’t even really fit in it.. 
my list could seriously go on and on.. 
i’m not normally a superstitious person, but i now have something to blame my off day on
lucky me, my day is only half over 
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