No Heat Curls

If you are anything like me.. then you’ve damaged your hair at one time or another by coloring it/ bleaching it and using so many different forms of heat on it. When Savvy Curls told me that they had come up with a great way to curl your hair by not using any heat, I was very interested.  It is very easy to use and I loved the outcome.  I use to use sponge rollers in my hair when I was younger but the curls you get from the Savvy Curl headband its soooo much cuter and it has so many different options of curls to get from it.


I have worn the headband two different ways.  I wrapped it really tight one time and slept in it and the next morning my hair was very tight curls.  The way I am demonstrating below it was that I put in on in the morning.  I was planning on being home most of the day and wasn’t going out until that night.

I have very straight hair, so I lightly sprayed my hair with water and put a little bit of mouse in my hair.  I wanted a little bit looser curl so I didn’t pull my hair as tight when I wrapped it.

I started by parting off all my top layers so I could wrap those on the top wrap.  I have a lot of layers so I love that they have wrap available for those layers that won’t wrap as well with just the single wrap.
It really is so simple. Grab hair in about 1 inch sections and every time you wrap that strand, take the end of that wrapped section, add it to another one inch section and wrap it all together again.
 Once the bottom is wrapped, I did the same thing with the top section that I had parted off.  It took me about 10 minutes to wrap my whole head and then I was able to work around my house all day while my hair dried.  When I was ready to go out that night, I just unwrapped my hair and I was ready to go!
“When wrapped properly, these thermal insulating headbands produce glamorous, lush, Hollywood-like curls.  Best of all, by using these headbands you maintain the integrity & health of your hair avoiding breakage & damage caused by high heating electrical appliances.  Say goodby to tired, heat damaged hair and the appliances that caused it and say hello to healthy & gorgeous Savvy Curls.”
I love this wrap so much that I teamed up with Savvy Curls to give away a single Savvy Curls wrap ($23.99 value).  The giveaway is open to US and Canada residents, ages 18 years or older!
I also have a coupon code if you want to try out a wrap! Use code savvyc1 for $2 off any order! They also have a current kickstarter campaign you can check out right here with a video that you can watch to see hair being wrapped.
To enter the giveaway:
1. Follow @KateCrandall on Instagram
2. Follow Savvy_curls on Instagram
3. Like the picture
4. Tag as many friends as you want on the picture. Every person you tag is an entry!


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