A New Craze..

So.. September flew by for me.. I was super busy and really excited about doing something new. A while back on facebook I came across a page called Freebies 2 Deals.. I started reading the posts and was seeing all these deals she was posting about. After a while of researching on her site..(watching videos, reading posts etc) I decided to start saving the coupons that were coming in the mail..




Ok.. so it took me a few weeks to save up a bunch of coupons, but I went shopping for the first time last week with my coupons and was on a shopping high when I scored those bottles of shaving cream for 19 cents a bottle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not kidding.. I have never been so excited about grocery shopping in my life.. and I was really excited

Ha! Even my husband got excited.. Last sunday when the paper came.. he went and got the paper and started cutting out the coupons and organizing them!! How funny is that!

If you are interested in learning more about couponing.. Go to this website.. Its amazing and super super simple to use!!
She tells you what store to go to, how much you save, which coupon to use.. and even where to take free coupon classes.. I took some of the classes and they were fun to go to!


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