Lifetime Movie

Ok.. I just had to blog about this…  As I was flipping through the channels tonight I happened upon a Lifetime movie called The Pregnancy Pact.  

I remember when this happened and I’m seriously dying while watching this.  It is sooo sad.  For anyone that doesn’t know about it, it happened in a small town in Massachusetts in 2008.  A group of 15 year old high school girls made a pact to all get pregnant together and raise their kids together.  So obviously the entire movie is based on real events…
It really makes me sad watching it because it is a real thing and watching these really young girls that had no idea what they were really doing.  By making this “pact” they completely changed their lives and the boys.  It is depressing to watch but so interesting to see how their choices affected EVERYONE around them.    If you get a chance.. watch it because it is really interesting!
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