Life as a Med Wife

My husband is currently a first year medical student here in Washington State.  When we were researching Medical schools, we read as many blogs and any articles we could find to see what our life was going to be like if we were to get in. We are about 8 months into our first year and I’ve decided to share a little bit more about our journey along this crazy ride and who knows.. maybe I’ll be that blog someone will find when they are trying to decide if Medical School will be the right choice for them or not.

Andy was gone a lot during undergrad doing a double major so I thought that I already knew what it felt like to be a med wife.  I was wrong.  Although he was gone a lot, he is gone 10x more now.  Early mornings and very late nights for him and A LOT of time away from us.  I do everything by myself with our kids or with other med wives. There are ups and downs and some weeks that are better than others, but in general, when you are put in another state with your husband gone 24/7, no family around and a stressful school choice, it’s going to be hard.

He is very missed.
This week is test week.  Anyone that has gone through this knows what that means.. stress. Although we are very grateful that we are where we are.. it is very hard on both of us.  The kids miss him, I miss him and I know he misses us.  He leaves around 6-7 am and comes home around midnight.  We live close to the school, so right now we see him for about 15 min at lunch time and usually about 30 min at dinner time.  The amount of studying that is required is insane.  We just try to soak up the little bit of time that we do have with him.  
 It was a pretty big adjustment at first.. we are getting more and more used to it now, but it can be hard to not have someone to come home and be a reinforcement at night when the kids are tired, when you just need a break, or just need another adult to talk to.  That was probably one of the biggest adjustments for me.. no family around to fall back on, husband gone all the time.. It was just me.  I was it.  When the kids needed something, someone or ANYTHING.. I was it.  I’ve learned a lot about myself this past year and what I’m capable of. I am stronger that I ever thought possible and I’m so far feeling pretty grateful for what we’ve gone through.  

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