Kingdom & State

It seems like I have tried every brand of shirts like the one posted below.. Modbe, Shade.. You name it, I’ve worn one.  When Kingdom & State sent me a white capped sleeved shirt I was expecting it it be pretty similar.  Being completely honest.. This shirt is SOOOO much better.  The fabric is softer, its fitted without being tight, its long enough and it doesn’t even ride up!!  One of my favorite things about it that I feel like separates it from Modbe and Shade is that the neck line isn’t like right up against my neck!  Its that way in the front and back.. I love that I don’t feel strangled by the neckline.  
Shirt: C/O Kingdom & State/// Cardigan: Genx///Pants: True Religion(old)// Shoes: Ross/// Jewelry: Apricot Lane Boutique
I love this shirt.. Go check it out here.  This company just opened and their prices are really reasonable.. You won’t be sorry. 

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