I’m Back.

It has been a very crazy year for my family.  My last blog post happened about a year ago and within a short time of me posting, my Dad passed away.  It really shook me and my family.  It was unexpected and it turned 2015 into a very, very hard year.  Everything else took a back seat to surviving life.   In August, my husband started Medical School In Washington State.  We were already living in Washington, but we did move to be closer to the Med School during summer break. 
I knew that being in Medical school was going to be hard.  Andy had been studying and working very hard for years to be accepted. I expected him to be gone a lot, I expected our weekends to be gone, and I expected it to be stressful… but when it actually happened, it turned out to be harder than I imagined.  We survived the first semester and have really started to find our groove again.  I have decided to start blogging again.. because one.. I love it and two.. it gives me an outlet.  
We live on tight budget so I’m still always on the lookout for a good deal.  I was surprised when I came back to my blog, how many readers I still had coming everyday to check my blog.  Anyways, I’m going to be blogging again to document all of our adventures through this crazy Medical School experience.   I keep being told that I’m going to miss all this someday, so I’m trying to make the best of it.    
Thanks for still reading. 🙂
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