When I was pregnant with Carter, I was working full time at a desk job.  While I sat and worked, I was constantly snacking to keep myself from getting nauseous.  After work, I would be tired and the thought of exercising after working 8-9 hours a day was too much.. I would eat dinner and head to bed.
Even though I wasn’t eating a lot of junk food, I was always putting food in my mouth.  I gained a lot of weight while pregnant with him.  Afterwards I struggled and still am to shed all of the baby weight.

Carter recently turned two and the thought of having a second baby is in our minds.  The problem for me is that I do NOT want my second pregnancy to be like I did it the first time.  I learned a lot of what I shouldn’t do.  So recently {should have started a long time ago} I have started making changes for a healthier me in the future.

I seriously hate running.  I do.  Some people are born to run, I am not one of them.  BUT, there are a lot of benefits to running and I have found the more I push myself to run the easier it has been getting.
While I am not a expert in exercise & fitness at all.. this is what I have been doing…

In the mornings I have gotten up, eaten breakfast with Carter {usually scrambled eggs, its our favorite} and then I put some toys and books next to the treadmill and jump on.  I have found that I can find time to at LEAST run 1 mile… If Carter is okay and still playing, I will run a little further but I always get at least a mile in.  If its nice outside, I’ll put Carter in the jogging stroller and go outside. {Its a lot harder running outside pushing a stroller!!}

My Essentials

Seriously the best shoes I’ve ever worn.  They are so light & comfortable.  I would recommend them to anyone!  I LOVE THEM!! They are worth the money.. They make such a big difference.
My iPad
When Running on the treadmill, I can’t run without my iPad.  It distracts me from running so I don’t have to think about how much longer I have.  
My short term goal is to run a 5k on Thanksgiving.  We are still making plans for our Thanksgiving, but I’m making a goal to either run a 5K here in Utah or if we will be in Las Vegas with Andy’s family, I will be running one there!  Either way, I will be running one! 
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