Happy Halloween… a month late!

I’ve been using my Instagram account as more of a blog than my actual blog lately, but since Thanksgiving isn’t until tomorrow, I figure it’s still okay to share some of our Halloween pictures. Better late than never right?? The week before Halloween I came down with a nasty sickness.  I had a high fever, runny nose, sore throat and nasty cough.  It was pretty rough and I have hardly left the house.  Even though I felt awful, I took my kids out Saturday night for about 30-40 minutes to our church trunk-or-treat and they were really happy to go.  If you follow me on Snapchat (katecrandall) or Instagram ( posted on insta-stories) I posted a few pictures.  I still wasn’t feeling great on Halloween but how could I not take them trick or treating?   I’m not sure if they had more fun or if I did.. My momma heart loved every second of watching their excitement and pure happiness of running from house to house together.  Carly understood it more this year and it made me so proud seeing Carter guide her and teach her where to go and what to do.   I kept Halloween pretty low-key this year.. Andy had to study so he didn’t come trick or treating with us and since I hadn’t been feeling great, I took the kids out by myself to walk the neighborhood.   One of my favorite things was that after every house, Carly would yell in the cutest toddler voice, “one more Mom!”.  She kept wanting to go to more and more houses, she loved getting candy and didn’t want to stop.   We had a lot of fun and between the trunk or treat on Saturday and trick or treating on Monday, my kids have a crazy amount of candy that I’m not even sure what we are going to do with.  9.4 lbs of candy…  no joke, I weighed it.

from Snapchat^^

from Snapchat^^

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