Halloween 2014

As you can tell.. I’m a little slow on posting about Halloween. It isn’t quite Thanksgiving yet so I feel like its still okay to share their costumes. Carter is old enough now to pick out what he wanted to be and it was a pretty easy decision for him.. Ninja Turtle. Carly on the other hand is too young, so not only did I get to pick it out, I got to match her. 
^^ I seriously cannot tell you how many times a day I get hit by those nun chucks. 
^^ I just want to squeeze my little lady bug!
We had such a fun Halloween. We went to a fun get together with a bunch of families here in Washington then went trick-or-treating with the kids. We were very lucky on Halloween night that it wasn’t raining. It rained all that week and luckily stopped that night for the kids to enjoy getting lots of candy. Celebrating the Holidays are so much more fun with kids around! I love this time of the year. 
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