Friday Favorites

First off..  I am SOOOO glad it is friday.  My brain feels fried and even though my weekend isn’t going to be any less busy than my week has been, just because it the weekend for some reason I’m excited about it.
Favorites or mine this week:
We went there for the first time this week!  It was such an awesome place.  We wanted to go on the Ferris wheel, but the line was so long, that we decided we would just have to come again!  Luckily to distract him from the ferris wheel was the fishies.. He loved it! 

Every morning, before Carter wakes up, I lay in bed relaxing and playing on my iPad.  I have seen this pinned a few times on Pinterest, but haven’t had time to read it.  My cousin posted it this morning on Facebook, so I read it.. and I must say I enjoyed reading it. 
Read it for your self HERE
Frosty Mornings.. 
It has been snowing for the past 3 days.  On days that I don’t have anywhere to be, I have been enjoying hot chocolate, my heater, and wearing sweat pants all day long.  
I’m off work in a few hours and I”m counting down until my weekend starts! Woot Woot!
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