Favorite Part

A part of going to Bear Lake is going to the Pickleville Playhouse!  I LOVE going there and leave every time having laughed the whole time!  We aren’t allowed to bring our camera in.. so the pictures are from the Pickleville Playhouse Website 🙂  
This Play is the Hanging of El Bandito!  It was written by T.J Davis and he is also the star of the show and it is FANTASTIC and hilarious!  There are only a few more shows at Bear Lake but they are going on tour this winter.. so check out their website and go see it! You won’t be sorry!
Since we were in town for two nights we also saw their play Forever Plaid!  I love this one too.. Its a classic and such a fun play to see.  
After the shows its a tradition for us to go get milkshake in town.  Our favorite place is La Beaus’s Drive in..  Bear Lake is famous for their raspberries and their raspberries shakes are the best!

{Gotta love His little ice cream face!}
To say we had fun is an understatement! 

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