Fake Eyelashes Tutorial

I love wearing fake eyelashes.  With it being family picture season I thought I would remind everyone to get yourself to the nearest Sally’s Beauty Supply.  Wearing fake eyelashes is one of the easiest ways to make sure that when you are being photographed that your eyes stand out.  The other thing I love about them is that you can wear them and they look completely natural.
Here are my favorites:
Products Used:  1: Eyelash Glue 2: Fake Eyelashes  3: Tweezers
{I personally use the glue that is meant for Individaul Lashes.. My sister prefers the glue meant for the Strip lashes.. Just all personal preference}
I have two types of the glue; Clear and the Dark.  They both work equally as good, once again, just personal preference.  I like to use the clear because sometimes I get the glue on my eyelid etc and you can see where I messed up, so I use the clear to avoid dark spots everywhere.
Next thing I do is trim the eyelashes to fit my eye. {I just use regular scissors} I alway end up trimming the inner and outer edges off.  I hate when I can feel the eyelashes when I blink. They are so much more comfortable if you trim the edges.  The red lines are about how much I trim off.
Once I’ve trimmed them.. I dump a little bit of glue out on a piece of paper or plastic.
I run the base of the eyelash through the glue and with the help of the tweezers I place them on my eye.
Using the tweezers I hold the corners down on the base of my own eyelashes.
If you can get the corners down, the fake eyelashes stay on a lot better. Plus the fake eyelashes don’t stick as much to the tweezers like they would to my fingers.


before(left) & after (right)
If you take care of them; (don’t scrub your eyes, don’t load mascara on to them etc) they should stay on for about a week!  Then you can take them off and repeat the steps of adding glue and putting them back on.
{my Sister and I dressed for my brothers wedding.. We both wore fake eyelashes and in pictures and it really helped our eyes stand out more and draw more attention to them (not in a bad way either). }


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