Do you Remember?

On the Bachelor last season when Ben was in Park City and went on the one on one with Jennifer??? They went repelling and then swimming in a natural hot spring right outside of Park City?  
If you need a little memory refresher.. check out the picture below 🙂
 Well.. our family spent our reunion at the Homestead Resort in Midway, Utah and the same crater that Ben and Jennifer went swimming in, is on the grounds of the resort.  
Its such a cool place.. 
The water is about 90-96 degrees year round and at least 80 feet deep… its a natural hot-spring that you walk down a small cave to get to. Such a fun place to snorkel/scuba/swim if you ever come to Utah!
The water really is as blue as the above picture, its really beautiful.  My pictures below don’t quite do it justice.. 

 My Dad is a goofball! 

I seriously love swimming in the Crater.. This was my second time being up there and I loved every minute of it.  The wi-fi internet wasn’t working very well, so it was nice to spend a whole weekend with family without many distractions.   
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