Disney World!

okay.. i do NOT know how people live in florida..
the weather was so unbelievably hot.. 
it was over a 100 degrees there everyday and SOO humid
soooooo.. we spent our days swimming and our nights playing!
andy was in laughlin for biker week, so i packed my bags and headed to florida.

carter is only 18 months old, so i wasn’t sure if he would like the rides at disney world
or what he would think about them.. but i found out shortly after i arrived that

you know how families usually take a nice picture right inside the front gate..
ya.. this is my nice family picture..
my 18 month old fighting me to get down and run around..
besides going there at night because it wasn’t as hot
 another reason why we chose to go to late at night…
most the parents left with tired kids and we could ride every ride we wanted to..
we rode every ride about 3 times in a row, with no lines or wait

its a small world..
rode it multiple times, with no one else in our boat 
it was wonderful!

Dumbo.. rode that a hundred times.. it was one of carters favorite rides
and luckily for us.. once again, no wait to get on!

i think the electrical parade is for kids.. but i loved it! 
i had a lot of fun at disney world.. but i think carter had even more fun.
want proof?
this is how badly he didn’t want to get off the carousel 
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