Disney World Again

I must have not been thinking because I wondered out during the day to
Disney World with Carter. It was over 100 degrees and super humid!  I lasted all of 1 hour 
before I packed Carter and took the bus back to our hotel.  It was just too hot and the lines
were just tooooo long.  18 month olds just don’t understand what waiting in lines mean.. 

After cooling off by swimming at our hotel, we waited until the sun went down
and ventured back out to Disney World..
We were all in Florida for 5 full days so of course we had to go again!
Seriously.. If I were to offer any advice to anyone going to Disney World..
go at night when all the parents have taken their tired kids back to their hotels.
We were able to ride as many times as we wanted..

 I wasn’t sure how he would like the tea cups, but he seriously loved them!  
He didn’t get scared and didn’t want to get off!
 the humidity makes my hair go straight..
best part of this picture..
my sister taking a iphone pic of herself in the background 
Even though we left Disney at midnight, we still needed a little snack..
McDonalds only carried snack size in their mcflurrys.. so from the back of the van
my sister yells “i’ll take two of them!”
yep… that would be my sister…
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