Christmas Pajamas

I love photography. I have been taking pictures and scrapbooking all my pictures since I was a young child. As I have grown older I have spent more and more time developing my hobby. Last Christmas I received an indoor lighting kit and my Dad got one for his birthday in August. I pulled both lighting kits out at my parents house and convinced my sisters to dress up with me to take pictures. Once we started taking pictures more of my siblings joined in and even some of their boyfriends and girlfriends joined in.  We ended up taking pictures for hours, laughing and having a lot of fun.  We took plenty of embarrassing pictures but I fear those would end up on awkward family photos.. so I think I’ll keep those to myself and just share my favorites ;).

^^me and my baby girl!
^^younger brother Jason & his girlfriend Lexi
^^My babies^^
Adult Pajama’s: Target
Kid Pajama’s: Target


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