Bridal Veil Falls // Provo Canyon

Growing up my Dad was always very good about taking my family on adventures.  Adventures could be anything from riding our bikes along a bike trail, hiking to new places or just taking drives to somewhere that we hadn’t ever been to. When we were younger we would always bring a sack lunch with us but as we got older, he would always say “lets go get a bucket of chicken and go have lunch down by the lake” or wherever the place was that we were going to go exploring.  In honor of my Dad recently, my whole family went and got “a bucket of chicken” and went and ate it at some picnic tables by Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon.  It was a beautiful day and I know that my Dad was with us in spirit.

After lunch, a few of us climbed up to the base of the falls and got wet and enjoyed the day.  We also walked along the river trail and then ended the day by having root beer floats at home.  It was a perfect summer day with tired kids at the end!

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