The only good thing that comes from us ending our fun filled summer is that our family gets back to a good routine.  While traveling to visit family, our downtime involved ipads, computers and phones.  I try to read to my kids every night before bed and we didn’t do a lot of that over the summer. When I got home and got back into our routine, I realized how much both Carly, Carter and I love the quiet nights reading together.   Bookroo is seriously the cutest thing ever, look how excited Carter and Carly were to get a package in the mail!  Bookroo is subscription based and they send you two- three  quality books every month and you can choose wether you receive hard cover books or picture books.  I love seeing my kids get excited about reading and the books they send are really cute.  You can find out more about their pricing and other questions here!  It is a great way to add our book collection and I love seeing how excited they are to open their books and read them.


Books are C/O Bookroo

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