Black Friday Chaos

So, I went shopping on Black Friday.. but I didn’t go black friday shopping.  Did you get that?  🙂 I piled in the car with Carter, my mom and sisters for a whole afternoon of fun shopping.  I just couldn’t get myself to go out at midnight the night before.. there was nothing that I was dying to have that would keep me from snuggling in my bed and getting a good nights rest 😉  
Carter and Jenni {my 14 yr old sister} were troopers..  I couldn’t believe how bored my youngest sister was!  She and Carter were buds the whole day.. they were both bored together and they kept each other very entertained.  I kept finding them in the weirdest places.  
Ross just came out with these nifty little carts.  You are supposed to pull the behind you like a wagon, but they are the perfect height for a toddler to push around.  This was like hours of entertainment for him! 
The happy part of this day is that we got almost all of our Christmas shopping done annnddd I had a very tired little baby by the time we were done.  Poor kid couldn’t keep his eyes open! Pretty sure we all felt about the same way as Carter.  🙂 
I love all this about the Holidays!  So excited to have my Christmas Decorations up!! 
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