Bear Lake

We have been going to Bear Lake every summer since I can remember!  Its one of my favorite summer activities and it was a perfect end to summer!  Unfortunately because school was just about to start, Andy was super busy and wasn’t able to come.  We still had a great time and came away with lots of fun memories! 

{the girls!} 
Anna, Me, Sarah, Jenni, Kallie
 {Carter & I}
 {Brother Jacob & Carter}
{Sister Sarah & Carter}
 {Grandpa & Carter}

 {skim boarding & Sailing}
We only brought our little sailboat with us this time.  Carter wanted to go on it so bad!  The funny part was that after about 20 min of boating we noticed they had capsized!  Luckily Carter was safe through it all and some boaters stopped to help. They put Carter in their boat and brought him back to me!

Needless to say we had an amazing time and poor Carter was worn out by the time we were packing up!  All I had to do was lay him in his carseat and he fell asleep!  Pretty sure I am counting down the days until we go again!  The fun didn’t stop here though.. More pictures to come!
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