Apple Pickin’

We have been fortunate that we have made some great friends pretty fast here in Washington. We all went to a small town (within a 20 min drive) to the West Valley U-pick Orchards.  It was fun to pick apples and blueberries. The kids LOVED it. It was a little cooler weather today and the kids had so much space to run around through the orchards. It was really beautiful and a nice change of scenery. 
^^^ So cute! Our friends took over 10 pounds of apples home 
and we picked about 5 pounds!
^^All of the kids were professional taste testers. 
All of the fruit that I have tried here has been so juicy and delicious! 
^^ Miss Carly was a sport riding in the wagon through the orchards. 
^^Miss Lydia trying out the apples 😉
^^Liam (in green) and Carter (in gray)  
They have become instant best friends and they play so well together
^^Showing us their Ninja moves 🙂
After picking apples and blueberries.. of course the kids found the toys and piles of dirt to dig in. They were so dirty by the time they got in the car. It amazes me how entertaining a big pile of dirt can be to kids. 
 ^^ I love this photo. They are snacking on their apples, having a deep
 meaningful (3 year old conversation, I’m sure) while eating their freshly picked apples.
^^Dirty faces, Happy children
Carly loved gnawing on an apple just as much as the other kids. I can’t wait to make something 
yummy with the apples.  I have a few ideas brewing in my head to make with the apples.. Apple cinnamon Crisps, apple pie, or caramel apples.  yummmmmmm. I can’t wait! 
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