Another trip to California (part 2)

saturday they competed as a team and did really well, but choose not to compete on sunday so they didn’t place…
on sunday, we stayed in our hotel room and watched General Conference
after a while of being cooped up in the hotel room. we really needed to get out for a little bit..
we typed in our gps the closest beach and it came back with seal beach and huntington beach..
we chose huntington beach and i’m so glad we did!
 i seriously love this little town.. when i got home i told andy i wanted to move there 🙂
the weather was amazing, food was fantastic, the energy was exciting and fun to be apart of.. i love walking around this little town


 the further we got out on the pier, the harder the wind blew, carter wasn’t sure what to think about it, but he sure enjoyed watching all the birds, the ocean waves and the people

 he got a sucker for being so good.. he was holding on with both hands so tightly just to make sure no one would take it away from him 
we didn’t travel home until monday night.. we spent monday shopping in newport and traveled home late that night and found this sign my dad made for my sister near our house.. of course we had to jump out of the car and take a picture!

i had a hard time narrowing down my 1000 pictures that i took.. we love the camera in our family 😉

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