Another trip to California (part 1)

the end of march and the beggining of april have been super busy with traveling,
luckily i have an awesome job and can get off and travel when i need and want to 🙂
my younger sister sarah wasn’t supposed to compete in california until saturday but her stunt team got placed in a stunt competition on friday as well… and we found that out on thursday
so friday morning we got up nice and early and left for the airport at 4 am to catch the 6am flight out of salt lake city (which would be why we look so beautiful in these pictures)
watching the sunrise on the plane.. i wish the ipad could have caught how pretty it actually was
after arriving we rented a car and headed straight to anaheim to watch sarah compete
normally fliers are about 5′ 3″… my sisters is standing at 5′ 8″
and she is an amazing flier 

my little munchkin looking super cute in his jammies.. we never got a chance to get ready between the early morning flight and watching her compete.
her team took 3rd place out of 50 groups..  thats how awesome she is 😉
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