Andy’s Birthday

Andy’s birthday was going pretty well until he went to play a game of basketball.  He came walking into our house about 30 min after he had left to play a game saying ” Hey.. I might need stitches.”  I turned around and all I could do was gasp.  Seriously, I wasn’t expecting that!  Turns out he got elbowed in the face and he definitely needed stitches.  He cleaned himself up and then went back out to play until his game was over…. that’s a boy for you!
He is a pretty tough guy.  Right after getting stitches we went on a 13 mile bike ride.  
Even though he got his present a few weeks ago (the bike he is riding in this picture) it was still fun to go out and enjoy it and ride on a warm summer night.  
Love him.  He is a really great guy and I am very lucky to have such a smart, hardworking, loving person in my life.  Happy Birthday Andy!
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