A little Getaway Part 1.

Kinda spur of the moment, my family decided to jump in the car and get out of the snow. Andy had too much homework to go, but Carter and I were still excited to go.  Where did we go? We went where all northern Utahans go to get out of the storm.. St. George.  It was fairly warm and best of all.. NO SNOW!  
Carter was a pretty good sport about it, but around 7pm at night he decides to take a nap on the drive and wakes up just before arriving…. Bummer for me is that he was up partying until 3 am.  So my siblings took him swimming and we took him to a late night snack at Mcdonalds.  It was a pretty good start to the trip 😉
Next morning, My dad woke me up early for a run along the Santa Clara river.  I was dreading the run because I had stayed up so late the night before with Carter but it felt good to run outside and enjoy some sun.
Even though we still had to wear a sweatshirt we were able to play OUTSIDE!! The sun was shinning and it felt so good!! Carter was LOVIN’ it!
What trip would be complete without some shopping!?  All the swimming and shopping we did tuckered my little guy out! He rarely takes naps anymore and he fell asleep while I was walking around shopping. I was shocked.  Boy, did I regret not bringing my stroller inside.. He is sure getting heavy!
A few more pictures to come tomorrow 🙂 And I also have something fun planned this week so check back!!
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