Wardle Fields Splash Pad + Playground

    We are in Utah for a visit this summer and on our must-do list was to go to the new Wardle Fields splash pad and playground.  It is located at 14148 South 2700 West in Bluffdale, Utah and it is also known as the Bluffdale Splash pad. We had a fun day playing with cousins and friends and could have easily stayed all day.
    It is really nice and clean and can keep your kids entertained for a while.  It is still fairly new, so although the city has planted a lot of trees, the tree’s are still small and there isn’t a lot of shade.  If you go, I would recommend bringing an umbrella or shade covering.  The playground can also get very hot, so wearing shoes that can go easily from water to the playground can keep your kids’ feet from getting burned. There is also a shallow pool of water that has sand in it.  My kids loved it and were happy digging in it with cups and small shovels.   (pictures below)

    ^^Half splash pad and half playground

    There is a lot of grass area to sit, but I would recommend bringing a shade covering.

    Sand Pit area pictures are below

    If you haven’t been to it, I’ll post a few things below that are good to know about it.

    I had a hard time finding an address online, so I thought I’d share if you are looking for it too… 14148 South 2700 West, Bluffdale, Utah.

    -There are plenty of trash cans, so feel free to take food and lunches with you.
    -There is plenty of parking, which makes it really nice for a number of people who are there
    -There are basketball courts, pickleball courts and 3 pavilions around the park
    – Lots of paved walking paths, so you can easily bring a stroller
    – There are clean restrooms
    – It opens at 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. and runs between Memorial day and Labor day.
    – It has playground equipment for young children and older children and all abilities


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