Maternity Sunday Style – 25 weeks!

    As I was looking through my closet this week for something to wear, I realized that I’m down to only a few things that I can comfortably fit in.  I’ve searched the internet for clothing that is cute, affordable and comfortable for pregnancy.  What I really want to wear is sweatpants and t-shirts all day long but I know it’s not the most acceptable to wear outside of my house.  I don’t have a lot of stores close around me so I have done most of my shopping online.  I have found a few cute items, but it’s hard to know how it is going to fit without trying it on first.  This isn’t sponsored, but so far my favorite dresses that I’ve worn have been from Pink Blush.  Their wrap dresses are a dream.  So comfortable, soft and flattering for all body types.  If you don’t own a wrap dress, I highly recommend buying one, you can thank me later. 😉

    Dress: Pink Blush
    Necklace: J. Crew
    Earrings: Walmart
    Watch: Fossil
    Wedges: Ross (similar)
    Pearl Bracelet: Old (similar) 

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