Mommy and Me Sunday Style

    I’m back to posting! It’s been an adjustment going from two kids to three.  I feel like I’m finally getting into a groove and finding a bit of time for myself and some time to blog.  You forget how much work a newborn baby can be.  Now that baby Hailey is just a bit older and we have all adjusted to our new normal, life is getting easier and I’m finally able to get out of the house more!

    My older brother got Carly and I matching dresses for Christmas and we finally pulled them out of our closet today to wear them.  It used to only be me that got excited to match but now Carly thinks its pretty cool.  I know it will only be a few more years that she thinks it’s cool so I’m soaking it in that she is so happy about it for now. Her dress is the next size up, so hopefully, it will fit her for a while. I love the bell sleeve on this dress and I  also LOVE how these dresses are so comfortable. They are like sweatpants in dress form and those are my favorite kinds of dresses!

    Outfit Details:
    Dress: Agnes and Dora (walker dress in black)
    Tights: Target
    Booties: Famous Footwear
    Umbrella: Walmart
    Watch: Fossil
    Necklace: J.Crew – old
    Earrings: Target

    Carly’s Outfit Details:
    Dress: Agnes and Dora (walker dress in black)
    Tights: Children’s Place
    Shoes: Soda
    Umbrella: Amazon
    Necklace: Amazon

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